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Improve Working Conditions, Reduce Carbon Emission.

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As a company founded in 2022 with the slogan "Protect the world, secure the future", FLIO operates to encourage domestic production and increase employment instead of imported products. Operating in three main areas of activity: air filtration, liquid filtration and special projects, FLIO produces environmentally friendly devices that eliminate oil and emission vapors generated in machining machines. Additionally, it aims to gain an important place in the sector by developing special projects in line with customer demands.

Industrial Dust Collection and Filtering Systems

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Improve Working Conditions, Reduce Carbon Emission.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

FLIO contributes to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change by using environmentally friendly devices in its production processes.

  • Industrial Carbon Reduction Solutions

    The devices produced by FLIO help reduce the carbon emissions of industrial enterprises. This contributes to achieving the goals of mechanisms such as SKDM and supports the protection of a fair competition environment.

  • Sustainability in Industrial Solutions

    The environmentally friendly devices produced by FLIO are designed in accordance with the principle of sustainability. These devices minimize the negative effects on the environment by eliminating oil and emissions used in industrial enterprises.




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Trace Reduction

Flip - Industrial Dust Collection and Filtering Systems

The OVGU extra model operates with lower energy consumption, unlike traditional static filters. In this way, it reduces the energy costs of businesses and reduces carbon emissions. Less energy consumption contributes to the preservation of natural resources and reduction of carbon emissions.

  • Clean air, green future.

    It provides 99.97% cleaning with H13 class HEPA filter technology. This reduces air pollution in businesses, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impacts. A cleaner working environment helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals and reduce carbon.

  • Clean job, clean future, clean world.

    The OVGU extra model creates a healthy working environment in businesses. Thanks to the collection of particles and air filtration, the air quality that workers breathe increases, which protects worker health and increases work efficiency. A cleaner working environment helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint

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